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A Description of our Flat Fee MLS Direct Listing Services


The real estate industry has changed considerably since 2005 or so.  Now, as a seller, you can choose if you want a Flat Fee MLS Listing as limited service meaning you do much of the work. Or, you can choose a "Full Service Flat Fee MLS Direct Listing" where we do everything a traditional agent does.

LIMITED SERVICE LISTING: Same MLS, same listing as if you listed with a local agent. As the seller are responsible to perform all activities related to the successful closing of your transaction including; negotiating, getting copies of all offers, counter offers & closing statement to broker. If there is a buyer’s agent they do not do this work for you. Basically, you do what a full service Realtor does. If problems arises with the inspection, appraisal, title or any other aspect of the transaction, you are responsible for solving these issues. NOTE: Many agents don't like dealing direct with sellers. Many sellers have no clue what or how to do this which creates resentment on the part of some agents who've had a bad experience with a clueless seller. Some agents may even refuse to write offers on Limited Service listings.
Smaller up-front fee with fee at closing. Commission at closing to KRLLC is 1/2 of 1% of sales price or $1,000, whichever is less at closing (minimum of $500). This fee applies regardless of who procures the buyer.
3.  FULL SERVICE, UP FRONT FEE ONLY:  Upfront fee paid at time of listing. No other fees to listing broker, only buyer’s agent if there is one. "

NOTE: On all "Full Service" listing programs, we do everything a "Traditional agent" does to ensure a smooth closing.

In short, we do everything a "Traditional agent" does to ensure a smooth closing.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Many buyers agents prefer dealing with another agent instead of the seller... Some agents may have had a bad experience with other limited service sellers and may be hesitant to go down that road again.  For a very reasonable fee you can have all of the benefits of a full service Realtor behind you at a fraction of the cost!

Thank you,

Jeff Kermath
broker / owner
35 years experience, over 5,500 listings, hundreds of files closed.

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Kermath Realty is a licensed Michigan real estate company, not a 3rd party referral company. The broker, Jeff Kermath has been a licensed real estate broker for over 35 years. Jeff inputs and oversees his listings to ensure accuracy & success!

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