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Best Choice Flat Fee
is a national  group of independent real estate brokers. Real Estate Advocates has been serving S.C. since 1991. With Best Choice Flat Fee, you’re listing your property direct with a local state licensed Broker and will save thousands on agent commissions.

Each one of our Broker/REALTOR® has years of experience, specializing in listing and selling. We are here to provide you with outstanding service & support. Please call and ask questions if you like, or just order online. 803-446-8361

List direct with a local broker/REALTOR®, as opposed to many other companies called, 3rd Party Referral Companies.  These “Referral companies take your money, keep most of it, then “refer” you to some broker you do not know.  Typically the seller gets poor service with these companies as the actual listing broker is making very little money.

Going direct is better and Best Choice Flat Fee is the clear choice. Your S.C. owners have been doing Flat Fee Listings for 30 years in S.C. Bob Mandel, owner was one of the first Buyer Brokers in S.C. He has been an expert witness in several antitrust lawsuits in S.C. against MLS engaged in restraint of trade practices.
Some large Real Estate sites will let you list your property for feee as a For Sale By owner and divert prospect leads to Agents who pay for them rather then ti the By Owner seller. Be aware of those sites. Test them out and see how they solocit your business and then trick you into thinking you get all your lead inquiries.

About Us


Real Estate Advocates is your listing Company in South Carolina and was founded in 1991 by Bob Mandel with the notion that Sellers in the Columbia, S.C. real estate market needed alternatives that they were not being offered . At that time, almost all companies were offering a full service 7% commission model. We felt that Sellers deserved to have choices with varying levels of service and began offering pricing accordingly.

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