About Us

Deni Niethammer, your local broker

We are a women owned and operated business and have been in the Flat Fee Listing Service since 1998.

Each one of our broker/REALTOR® has years of experience, specializing in listing and selling. We are here to provide you with outstanding service & support. Please call and ask questions if you like, or just order online.
Deni:      303-995-4742
Kathy:    970-531-7448
Chery.    970-519-1228
Steph:    303-887-7686

List directly with a local broker/REALTOR®, as opposed to many other companies called, 3rd Party Referral Companies.  These “Referral companies take your money, keep most of it, then “refer” you to some broker you do not know.  Typically the seller gets poor service with these companies as the actual listing broker is making very little money.

Going direct is better and Best Choice Flat Fee is the clear choice.

About Us


Deni was licensed in 1998 after she saw the need for an alternative MLS service. Her epiphany came before she got her real estate license. In 1997 she wanted to sell her $150,000 home in Colorado. As the Realtor filled in his 6% commission on the listing contract, she thought to herself "Are you really worth $9,000?" That got Deni thinking. She was sure there was a more equitable way to work with homeowners who needed to sell.

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