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There are good ones and bad ones, just like real estate agents. What you are looking for is a NON 3rd PARTY site. You want a company that you can call and talk to before listing (that will be your listing company). A full service flat fee company is normally better.
Yes, Flat Fee Listing has been around a long time. The key to selling a home is pricing it right and getting on the MLS. Most sellers find homes on the internet and nobody cares how much the listing agent makes for listing.
Getting it listed on the MLS with an experienced flat fee agent and price your home correctly. A good flat fee agent can guide you through the entire process.
We are group of Flat Fee Brokers (licensed in each state) and not a 3rd party referral site. You will be dealing directly with your broker.
For many years. Many brokers started doing flat fee with the internet gain popularity around the year 2000.
None. Choose a good full service flat fee broker and you will be getting one the best brokers in the business. Way better than most agents than work for one of those "franchise brands".

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We are a national group of independent real estate brokers. With us, you’re listing your property direct with a local state licensed Nevada REALTOR® and will save thousands on agent commissions. Each one of our broker/REALTOR® has years of experience, specializing in flat fee listing. We are here to provide you with outstanding service & support. Please call and ask questions if you like, or just order online.

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